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ACREU Surveys of Rheumatologists in Ontario

ACREU has conducted a series of questionnaires of Ontario rheumatologists. The first two (1994/95, 2000/01) highlighted the variation in rheumatology clinics across the province. Both the level of service delivery and wait times varied considerably across the province. This work demonstrated that areas with low provision tended to have the longest wait times. The manpower and workload challenges to rheumatology continue today. There are increasing pressures to meet the demands of the growing population with arthritis and ensure early access to patients with inflammatory arthritis. In 2007/08, a third survey of Ontario rheumatologists is being conducted. The objective of this research is to examine the current level of rheumatology manpower, practice patterns of rheumatologists and wait times for rheumatology services in Ontario.

To meet our objectives, a survey will be sent to all rheumatologists in Ontario that will update the information on rheumatology services including information on the amount of service provision and wait times. An understanding of current availability of rheumatologists is critical to planning service delivery for a growing population.

This project is funded through the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

Researchers: Paula Veinot, Hina Ansari, Dr. Elizabeth Badley

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