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Canadian Arthritis Research Data

The Burden of Arthritis in Canada: 2010 Estimates

The Burden of Arthritis in Canada: 2005 Estimates

Canadian Community Health Survey, 2005

The Canadian Community Health Survey (CCHS) is a cross-sectional general population health survey that collects information related to health status, health care utilization and health determinants for the Canadian population. The CCHS (Cycle 3.1) has a large sample and was designed to provide reliable estimates down to the health region level. The target population of the CCHS was persons aged 12 years or older who were living in private dwellings in the ten provinces and the three territories. Persons living on Indian Reserves or Crown lands, clientele of institutions, full-time members of the Canadian Armed Forces and residents of certain remote regions were excluded. The overall response rate was 84.7%, and 130,827 individuals participated.

Participation and Activity Limitations Survey, 2001

The 2001 PALS is based on the 2001 Canadian census. It is designed to collect information on adults and children with disabilities, that is, those whose everyday activities are limited because of a health condition. PALS provides detailed information on the prevalence of various disabilities, support or aid for persons with disabilities, their labour force profile, and their income and participation in society. It begins with the same two filter questions that appear on the 2001 Census and the CCHS, followed by a series of PALS-specific screening questions on disability. Respondents who indicate disability on the census, and at least one of the filter or screening questions in the PALS constitute the “disabled” population of the PALS. Respondents are therefore excluded from the PALS sample if they did not indicate a disability on the census, or even one of the PALS filter or screening questions.

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