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Elizabeth M. Badley

Elizabeth M. Badley, PhD, is an Epidemiologist and a health services researcher. She is the founder and Director of ACREU. Badley is also a Professor in the Dalla Lana School of Public Health Sciences at the University of Toronto and Senior Scientist and Head of the Division of Health Care and Outcomes Research at the Toronto Western Research Institute.

Badley has an extensive research career specializing in the epidemiology of chronic and disabling conditions, particularly musculoskeletal disorders. She is one of the lead authors on Arthritis in Canada (2003), the first-ever national surveillance report on arthritis and chief editor of the ICES Practice Atlas on Arthritis and Related Conditions, 2nd ed. (2004). Badley’s current research seeks to quantify and better understand the impact of arthritis in the Canadian population. She has also published widely on the epidemiology of rheumatic disorders, their impact on the population, and implications for service provision, as well as on assessment of impairments, disabilities and handicaps and is author of many reports on arthritis and related conditions.

Selected Publications

Tel.: 416-603-6268